The United States of America is one of the richest countries in the world. As such, we have a moral responsibility to ensure that no person, regardless of wealth or social status, struggles to survive.

Anthony DiLizia strongly supports an increase in the federal minimum wage, union rights, pay equity, and an increase in federal tax on major corporations. 

Federal Minimum Wage

No one can contest the fact that our federal minimum wage has not kept up with the inflation of our economy. While prices of goods, services, and housing have risen, our federal minimum wage has virtually stagnated, leaving tens of millions of working Americans living in poverty. 

Anthony DiLizia believes in increasing the federal minimum wage so that no person has to fight for their right to live. Many opponents of a higher minimum wage argue that an increase will result in a higher cost for goods and services and a reduction of jobs; while some businesses may choose to heighten their costs, a study conducted by the "Center for Economic and Policy Research" concluded that the benefits of a higher minimum wage far outweigh the drawbacks or potential price increase. These benefits include heightened worker productivity, reduced employee turnover, and more consumer spending, which will result in an economic boost. This, paired with an indiscernible impact on employment numbers, is the driving force behind Anthony's passion for a federal minimum wage increase.

To mitigate any impact that an increase may have on small businesses, Anthony proposes a subsidy of small business wages to relieve the burden while still providing a livable wage for all working Americans. For more details on this plan, please reference the section below.

Supporting Small  Business

This pandemic has had a drastically negative impact on small businesses within our community and communities across the country. Yet, major corporations such as Amazon have increased their profits by billions of dollars, all while paying less in federal income taxes than the average American.

My plan is simple: Close tax loopholes and increases federal income tax on major corporations and the ultra-wealthy.

As the federal minimum wage increases to keep up with inflation, we must address the burden on small businesses.

Anthony proposes using revenue generated from a higher corporate tax, paired with the sales tax made from increased spending of disposable income, to subsidize the cost of small business employee wages. This will allow small businesses to compete and grow in an economy dominated by corporations that abuse tax loopholes and CEOs that make billions of dollars off of the backs of underpaid employees.

As small businesses grow and meet set income thresholds, their subsidies will scale down. Once a business reaches a point where it is no longer considered "small," the subsidy will cease.