I believe that ALL people should have access to quality, affordable education.


When Representative Courtney went to college in 1975, he paid $3,235 ($14,432 in today's value) for tuition. That same university now charges a tuition of $58,578. 

This drastic jump in tuition rates represents a serious problem in our Country. What used to be affordable tuition now puts most college students in crippling debt. No person should have to start off their professional life in debt that will take almost a lifetime to pay off. I believe that we should, and must, make public colleges more affordable, if not free.


Teachers play a critical role in securing our country's future. One of the greatest failures on our part as a country is creating an education system that underpays, underfunds, and underappreciates educators. NO TEACHER SHOULD BE FORCED TO PAY FOR CLASSROOM SUPPLIES OUT OF POCKET! When it comes to budget allocation, education must take a top priority and receive the adequate resources necessary to secure a successful learning environment.


When Google announced that it would launch a certification program as an alternative to college degrees, it sent waves through our education systems. We have told our young minds that a college degree somehow determines your worth or intelligence for what seems like a lifetime. This is completely and unequivocally untrue. 

In a system that cares more about profiting off students and less about the quality of education, we must adapt and grow. And if one of the largest companies in the world can acknowledge that certifications and hard skills are just as valuable as a college degree, why can't we?