When it comes to our response to climate change, there is no room for compromise. We must act swiftly and decisively to address the greatest existential threat to our species. 

As a united front, we must expand the research efforts, production, and implementation of renewable energy sources and policies. This will not only ensure the future of our families, but it will create increased job opportunities for our community. In addition, our government should prioritize employees in the fossil fuel industries for skills training and certifications to facilitate a smooth and secure transition to a greener future.


Through the research and development of renewable energy sources, green energy infrastructure expansion, innovation, and environmental cleanup efforts, we will not only secure a greener future for our species but create millions of high-wage jobs in the process.

I believe that Connecticut can continue to expand our renewable energy efforts and be a leading force in the national movement towards a greener future. Our district is home to a thriving manufacturing industry that supports tens of thousands of jobs; green energy industries and manufacturing can further increase that number in significant quantity.


Our district is home to The Millstone Nuclear Power Station, which not only supports thousands of jobs but produces significant amounts of clean energy for our State. I believe that utilizing and upgrading our current nuclear power infrastructure can help transition off of fossil fuel energy completely as we work to bridge the gap with renewable resources.