Let me be clear on where I stand: Healthcare is a human right. No person within Connecticut's 2nd District, the State of Connecticut, or the United States as a whole should be without healthcare. This has been made abundantly clear throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, as we've watched people get buried in crippling debt for seeking medical treatment.

Any person who does not have private insurance should still have access to necessary treatments and medical care. I also believe that life-saving treatments such as radiation, chemotherapy, dialysis, mental health care, etc., should be free to all and not paid for through loans, credit card debt, or crowd-funding websites.

No one should have to fight for their lives and end up struggling to put food on the table or worrying about losing their home.


Every person should have access to quality and consistent healthcare; that is why Anthony believes in a comprehensive single-payer healthcare system so that all people have access to preventative and palliative care. People can, however, have the option to purchase additional coverage through private insurance companies.


Prescription medications should be affordable to all Americans, plain and simple. Our current system allows companies a monopoly over brand-name drugs and free reign to set exorbitantly high prices under the guise of "research and development." Yet, those same drugs are available for significantly less money in other countries abroad. The time has come for our government to listen to Americans when we say "enough is enough," and address this pharmaceutical crisis once and for all.