I believe that term limits are the only way to allow a district's, or State's, constituents to have a Representative that best embodies their current ideas and values in a system that makes it statistically impossible for incumbents to lose.

Over 70% of Americans support term limits for Congress! So, why doesn't Congress amend the Constitution already? Attempts to enact an amendment have been made in the past; however, the vote did not reach the 3/4 supermajority threshold. The organization, "U.S. Term Limits," has been working tirelessly to make this amendment a reality by collecting pledges from candidates and incumbents alike. 

That is why I have made the "U.S. Term Limits" pledge to cosponsor and vote for the U.S. Term Limits Amendment once elected into office.

It is time for the people's voices to be heard and for Congress to listen!